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What makes a dog a perfect ESA for old-aged people? - 2021 Guide


Emotional support animals play a crucial role in the lives of people who suffer from the symptoms of different mental disorders. Old-aged people are the victims of depression and stress due to feelings of loneliness. To alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders, an ESA Letter provides companionship, love, and support to old-aged people. These people can cope with depression, isolation, and loneliness by keeping ESA dogs with them. Dogs are proved to be great friends to those who have lost their spouses. They can provide feelings of relaxation to the people who suffer from a financial crisis or go through the tough events of life. Old-aged people keep ESA dogs so that they can get emotional support from them. ESA dogs are also associated with the promotion of health and happiness in seniors. They are the best treatment for all those older people who have some sort of emotional or physical illness. Dogs provide support in both cases to the people.



There are different animals that can be kept as emotional support animals. Before keeping any animal, people need to get an emotional support dog letter from a mental health professional who possesses a practical license. The mental health professional first examines the condition of a patient and assigns an ESA according to the prevailing situation. Most of the time, doctors do not provide ESA letters because they consider that ESA is not enough to treat the patient. Many recommend ESA to people along with therapy and medication. It is the decision of the patient which animal he wants to keep with him. Doctors can also provide recommendations in this context but dogs are the most efficient and common emotional support animals that people love to keep.


ESA Dog for Mental Health

ESA dogs can promote hormonal changes in the brain of old-aged people. They help increase the production of serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin in the body. The production of all these hormones decreases the level of depression and stress in people. All these hormones are related to happiness among people. Due to these hormones, older people feel calm and happy when they are with ESA dogs. In canine diet can dogs eat blueberries? Yes they can. Blueberry is a healthy fruit. Old-aged people love to keep dogs as emotional support animals due to the amazing mental health benefits associated with them. Depression is very common among people at this age due to isolation and loneliness. It is because their family and friends cannot visit them on a regular basis. With time, their energy starts to decrease and they become less active. Such people also become alone due to the death of their spouses. ESA dogs help older people to get out of their shells and make them as communicative as they were at a young age. Research has proved that older people who are around others,  live an active life, or have pets are more mentally healthy as compared to others.


Mental stimulation can be achieved by keeping an ESA dog in the house. An ESA letter for housing provides the opportunity to keep the ESA dog in the home without facing any sort of difficulty. Dogs are considered as the most beneficial emotional support animal as compared to others due to their loyal companionship. Old-aged people usually suffer from the disease of Alzheimer's or dementia, and ESA dogs can provide them relief from the stress and different symptoms of the disease. ESA dogs help their owners to overcome the symptoms by calming them and alleviating their moods. The appetite of the old-aged people can be improved by living and playing with ESA dogs.


ESA Dog for Physical Health

The chances of heart disease can be reduced among people if they keep ESA dogs with them. Old-aged people can get physical exercise when they go for a walk with their ESA dogs. This physical exercise can improve mobility and turn the lifestyle of these people into a healthy one. In delicious fruits, can dogs eat strawberries? Yes, Strawberries are full of energy. Cortisol is a stress hormone that gets reduced among older people when they live with their ESA dogs. Older people perform different chores of ESA dogs, which keep them healthy and active. Dogs have the ability to sense whether their owners are sad or not. In case of a sad or crisis situation, they provide comfort and affection to the owners.


Overall well-being and purpose of life of old aged people get improved by living with an ESA dog. ESA dogs change the meaning of the life of these people. Old-aged people start to live happily because they find good support, companionship, and love. Due to the unique characteristics of dogs, they can be kept in the home as therapy dogs, service dogs, or ESAs. Not only old-aged people, but anyone can feel happy and healthy by living with an ESA dog.


Along with the above-mentioned characteristics of ESA dogs, there are many other benefits. Most of the house owners do not allow their tenants to keep different types of animals with them. But the dog is such an animal that does not get rejected by any owner and all permits to keep it in the house without any restriction. It can be easily brought to public places because other people are not afraid of dogs nor do dogs harm them. It is also easy to travel on flights with ESA dogs because they do not disturb the passengers and stay with their owners. However, a legitimate ESA letter is required for the dog to enjoy all these perks.



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