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Hot Film Star Mikami Yua Cancels Showcase in South Korea

Hot Film Star Mikami Yua Cancels Showcase in South Korea

Some time ago, the K-Pop world was shocked by the existence of Mikami Yua. He is a Japanese adult film star who intends to debut as a K-Pop idol.

Not alone, Mikami Yua will debut with two colleagues who have the same profession, namely Miko and Sakura.

The three of them formed a trio called Honey Popcorn, and plan to hold a showcase at Yes24 Live Hall, Seoul, Korea, on March 14.

However, just counting the days, Mikami Yua and friends' showcase was cancelled.

Reporting from Allkpop, Sunday (11/3/2018), this was announced via their official Instagram account.

"Hello, this is Honey Popcorn. The showcase that was supposed to be held along with our debut will not be held for one reason or another. We apologize to everyone who has been waiting for this," wrote a Honey Popcorn representative.

Even so, it seems that the three of them will continue to debut as originally planned. The reason is, it was also stated that Mikami Yua et al are currently struggling hard to prepare their first album.

"Even though they have shortcomings in several aspects, we ask that you all welcome them warmly. Thank you very much."

Pros Cons Mikami Yua himself is known to really like K-Pop. However, his intention to enter the world of K-Pop idols has provoked pros and cons in South Korea.

Not a few people are worried about the influence that comes from Yua's background, especially considering that K-Pop is popular with South Korean minors.

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