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Tips to Write an Opening Statement for Your Debate - Follow the Examples


Debates have different sides to an argument and this fact must be used by students while writing opening statements for their debates. Students can predict the main point of their opponents in a debate in their argument and shut them down quickly in their own opening Essay Writing Service. This will make them lose some credibility in their statement and allow you to sway the audience to your side.

There is no hard and fast rule to open any debate because it varies depending on the topic, the time is given for speaking, and the demographics of the audience but here are some tips which can be considered to write an opening statement for any type of debate. These tips have been extracted after reading and analyzing through numerous debate examples online. An effective opening statement can sway the audience and provides a lasting, first impression of the case. 

  • The first line of the opening statement should reflect what is being said or debated by the speaker, e.g:

 “We believe abortion should be legal” 


 “I believe that abortion shouldn't be legal.”

  • An opening statement implies the introductory passage. After the strong Write My Paper, the rest of the opening section of the debate is obliged to summarize the reasons why this perspective about the topic should be taken as the strongest. The language and style of this section must be persuasive. 
  • In the opening statement, students must not overwhelm the audience with too many details and ideas at once. Due care should be taken to explain the points which are deemed as the most important and impactful. The maximum number of points which can be explained in detail in the opening statement is 3. 
  • The opening statement of any debate must be treated as a story. The moral of the story must be poignant enough so that the audience is convinced by it. In this section, consequential quotes can also be incorporated which can lend an emotionally powerful character to the debate. 

This is the checklist which should be contemplated over by speakers who have to present their side of the argument any time soon,

  • State the theme of the debate immediately in one sentence.
  • The background story of the topic must be told without adding any Paper Writing Service
  • The sequence of the debate must be in a way that lends credibility to the main essence of the debate. 
  • It is the decision of any speaker to either incorporate or omit bad facts in the introduction. No one can influence this decision.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Merely reading an opening statement will bore the audience and no one will be interested in what the speaker has to say. 

Here are some good templates for opening statements. These templates can be followed by students or any potential speakers for inspiration;

Good morning/afternoon/evening Mr/Madam Chairman, distinguished guests, teachers, and students. 

 The topic for our debate is ‘that … (Insert the topic of the debate.)’ 

 We, the affirmative team, define the topic as (Explain what the topic means. Define the key or important words in the topic. Use a dictionary to help you. You should make sure that the topic is clearly explained in a sentence or two.) 

 We, the affirmative team, believe that this statement is college essay writing service. The team split 1. Today as the first speaker, I will be talking to you about (Insert the general heading/s of the points you will be talking about.) 

Our second speaker will be talking about (Insert the headings of the points your second speaker will be talking about.) 

Our third speaker will rebut the negative team and sum up our team case.

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